Weddings & Other Celebrations

An All-Inclusive Ceremony Service

I’m so pleased you’re considering me as a celebrant for your celebration.

Small or large, quiet or lively, indoors or out, funny, heartfelt, traditional or quirky. All things are possible.

Together we can plan exactly the sort of ceremony you wish for. One that feels like a celebration of your love and commitment for one another that is spot on for the sort of people you are.

As a celebrant I can perform ceremonies in lots of different places, a beach, your own garden or a friends, a woodland for example.. there are lots of options. it does not need to be licenced (for a wedding for example, you can separate out your legal signing from the ceremony itself).

What I Can Do

  • Lead a ceremony that befits the occasion, drawing out the laugher, joy and sentiment of it all
  • Be creative and flexible about the form the ceremony can take
  • Spend time to listen and draw out the unique things you would like that are special to you as well as the traditional things that have meaning for you
  • Use my experience to create the most memorable and beautiful event
  • Create a calm atmosphere at this occasion so you and your guests can enjoy it

What can you expect

  • A one-to-one consultation, usually face-to-face and can be virtual as well between 1-2 hours.
  • A written email summary, anatomy of the service we have agreed
  • Four special ceremony elements of your choice including any customised elements
  • A PDF copy of the draft ceremony in advance, so you can check and make any changes (which I will research and personalise, over 6-8 hours)
  • Second interview to agree any changes
  • A venue liaison visit 1 to 2 hours

All-Inclusive Personalised Ceremony

Prices from £750

Vow Renewals

Prices from £595

Baby Naming & Adopted Child

Prices from £350

Adult Naming and Other Celebrations

Prices from £350

Additional Elements in Ceremonies from £40-75 depending on what is chosen. Possible elements include Unity Candles, Wishing Jars, Rose Ceremony, Handfasting, Wedding band warming and other personalised elements.

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