Celebrant? What do they do?

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When I decided to undertake my training as a celebrant I had lots of questions from friends and family, naturally along lines of…. what does a Celebrant do?

Celebrants are here to reflect the needs and wishes of the people they write Ceremonies for and because many celebrants wish there ceremonies to be highly individualised unique and personal they spend time getting to know you.

A celebrant doesn’t have a denomination, there are some associated with particular organisations, for example humanist celebrants. I am an independent celebrant so have no affiliations and generally speaking many others are independent too. This allows us to fully include in any ceremony readings that can include religious content if this is the wish of the client. Some people prefer no faith content but like to reflect their own spiritual understandings of the world and a celebrant will work with them to include those aspects in any ceremony.

A qualified independent celebrant trains so they understand the industry they work in and how it ticks, this applies to both the funeral industry and the wedding and celebration industry.

For me I believe a celebrant has the six C’s

  • Calmness, to be a calming presence, to organise and give others the confidence that you have got this and they’re safe in your hands.
  • Curiosity, to wish to know about people and what makes them tick. also to be curious about the art of the possible when it comes to ceremonies.
  • Clarity, an ability to write a ceremony that flows and is understood emotionally and practically by the people who are in attendance.
  • Connectedness, an ability to build rapport with others through kindness and a professional approach.
  • Creativity, the Weaver of magical words and actions which make for unique and special ceremonies.
  • Courage, the ability to stand up and speak in front of large and small crowds, to deal with pets, children, inclement weather, broken heels on shoes and lost glasses. An all round general good soul.


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